Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Next Stop: Turkey

A Month of Traveling

The team built this church last year, and then applied a protective
coat to the wood this year along with other projects.
March has already been a busy month, with a week long trip to Cambodia done, I'm heading off tomorrow for Turkey.

Last week I was out in Cambodia with several others from the Stop Slavery team partnering with a missions team from Japan who were working on some projects in local villages.

It was a really fun time, and amazing to see the things God is doing in Cambodia with some indigenous missionaries and pastors, as well as short term mission teams from other countries.

One of the temples near Angkor Wat
It seems like Cambodia could be on the edge of many changes, including economically, and spiritually.

At Angkor Wat with some of the guys
from the mission team
I had a chance to spend most of a day touring around Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples which was a neat opportunity. I had visited Angkor Wat last year, but I was still impressed on this trip by the size, and detail of all the temples.

Although I was worn out after the trip to Cambodia, I was very encouraged from the time spent there with many amazing people.

A fast transition now leads me to my next adventure - visiting my sister in Turkey! I would appreciate prayers as I travel there, and as we then travel around Turkey and some of Europe.

Thanks for visiting and reading this short update! I'll be sure to share some photos from Turkey in the near future!

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