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map of thailand
Thailand - Chiang Mai is at
the top left of the map
Stop Slavery has its field office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so the short answer to where I am going is, Thailand..

Chiang Mai is a an increasingly modern city, located about 430 miles north of Bangkok. It is the largest city in northern Thailand with 1.5 million people in and around the city. The climate is tropical with a wet and dry season, and an average temperature in the 70's F.

View the Wikipedia Post about Chiang Mai, and also take a look at Chiang Mai on Google Maps.

But what makes Chiang Mai the necessary destination for me while working for Stop Slavery?

Stop Slavery's mission is to combat human trafficking worldwide. It is estimated that there are 27 million slaves in the world (more recent estimates put that at 30 million), with 24 million located in Asia. So to make progress it is best to be close to the action, and Stop Slavery's field office is currently located in Chiang Mai, which is a convenient central location for reaching Asia.

Elephant riding in Thailand
Besides being close to the action, Chiang Mai also offers significant options for shopping, sightseeing and foods. it is even ranked by TripAdvisor as #24 of the Top 25 Destinations Worldwide.

Thus, I will be heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand for my adventure. You can continue reading by visiting What I'm Doing to find out more!

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