What I'm Doing

What I will be doing while in Thailand:

Kids at an Orphanage in Cambodia
I will be working primarily for the Stop Slavery Mission Agency, but also for several other projects as they come up, developing these start-up non-profit organizations with a group of other business professionals from around the world.
Specifically, I will be using my education and internet marketing experience to create a marketing strategy, launch awareness campaigns for the organizations, develop a sustainable marketing plan for others to use when I am gone, and a variety of other tasks and opportunities as they come up.

I may also spend some time traveling to nearby countries like Cambodia to visit indigenous missionaries in these locations to encourage and share their stories.

The question some might be asking is, why do this?

There were several reasons for me. First of all, the timing seemed right and God appears to be making this possible because it is what I should be doing.

Secondly, this is a great opportunity to use my learning and experiences to benefit others, something that has been on my mind since graduating college.

I am also excited about the team of individuals who I will be joining. It is empowering to work in a high impact team and that is my hope for the group in Thailand.

Finally, Thailand is an amazing country, and one location I somehow did not get to while I lived in Japan for 10 years! So now is my opportunity, and I don't want to miss it!

I find myself asking, why not do this? It is an adventure, an opportunity to combat human trafficking, a chance to gain experience in marketing, and a time when I really have nothing that is tying me down.

But I can't do it without help.

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  1. Hello Peter,

    I'm so happy to learn about what you are and will be doing. I cannot thank you enough for your work and passion for the Glory of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. The workers are few.