Friday, March 13, 2015

BAM! And More Travels

After a few busy weeks, I'll be back on the road (well, technically, in the air) on Monday traveling over to Cambodia for a week to visit people, an orphanage, and help out with a team coming in from another location to do some construction.

Exploring the countryside late one night
Life seems to be staying very busy since my short trip to Laos. I had a few weeks to focus on moving forward some projects with StopSlavery, and then last week I was able to join in with a Business as Missions (BAM) conference.

The BAM conference consisted of morning meetings with a guy (he had a real name, and a fake name, and I can't remember which was which, so he will just be 'guy') sharing information, tools, tips and many stories about doing business in risky locations around the world with the goal of using it as ministry.

It was a lot of fun to learn about how business as missions is one of many tools that can be used to reach the world, and especially areas that aren't open to missionaries. It was also exciting to see how passionate about doing good business this guy was, and how your business is your ministry (not just something you do to get money, or a visa) and it is sacred.

Another important point was that these businesses in struggling economies should be helping the local people. One obvious way they can and should do this is to provide jobs that have a good environment, and good pay.

Business as Missions is not the next big thing, but it is one exciting way that entrepreneurs can reach the world, and make a difference in the lives of people, both physically and spiritually.

This shot was from a lake I stopped at on the way to Laos. It was filled with pink flowers.

I am looking forward to sharing more on here about my trip to Cambodia, but I'll also be staying very busy once I get back, as I'm off on another trip for three weeks.

Thanks for checking in, and I would really appreciate prayers for the time in Cambodia, and for possible future opportunities.

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