Friday, August 23, 2013

More Info About Stop Slavery and What I'll Be Doing

I want to share a little more information about what Stop Slavery is, and what I will be doing with them while in Thailand.

Peter vanosdall stop slaveryStop Slavery is a mission organization created with the simple goal of fighting human trafficking.

They are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but operate in many of the neighboring countries.

Stop Slavery is involved in or developing a number of projects to help fight modern slavery.

One of the ways Stop Slavery combats human trafficking is by providing funding and support for the prevention and intervention of trafficking crimes.

They also support an orphanage in Cambodia, have plans for a coffee shop for victims to learn new skills, and possibly artwork to promote awareness and raise money for anti-trafficking.

I will be joining to help with a variety of these projects, and perhaps create some new ones! With my experience in Marketing, I will primarily focus on promoting and creating awareness, but I certainly won't skip an opportunity to visit and help out at the orphanage (or other opportunities that arise).

I know that no matter what I am working on, it will be bringing justice, maybe only in small steps, to the millions trapped in modern slavery.

You can keep reading by visiting the page, What I'm Doing or you may want to go to How to Join in Support to learn how you can be directly involved in the anti-trafficking movement.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


A Short Video with a Brief Introduction for this Blog

I wanted to make a short video to quickly introduce myself to anyone who might not know me, and give a little intro to this blog.

As mentioned in the video, I am heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand for about 9 months to join the Stop Slavery Mission Agency and help fight human trafficking.

Use the links at the top of the page to read more about this adventure I am taking, and also consider if you would like to join me in ending modern slavery.

I need people who are willing to pray, to support, and to spread the word about modern slavery.

Thanks for visiting, leave a comment with your thoughts or questions!