Saturday, November 1, 2014

Launching Businesses

Launching a Business to Fund Orphanages and Missionaries

Took this picture on a sunny afternoon while
enjoying an ice coffee.
In my first college business class I immediately learned two things: I love business (and especially marketing) and I making money is exciting. It would be easy to get caught up pursuing a life where money is the end goal, but for me, my end goal is glorifying God, so money is just a tool, or resource, to accomplish that. (and this is something I have to remind myself about.)
So I'm volunteering for an organization, and trying to help them make money, which is a lot of fun. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been helping with launching an online business that (hopefully) will not only help people, but also generate a profit which will be used to fund the organization I'm here with, and an orphanage and other missionaries they support.

It is exciting to be learning and practicing new business ideas in the internet realm, which is growing more and more important each day. I am amazed at the opportunity I have to not only gain experience, but help with projects that have a lasting and beneficial impact.

In the month of October, I worked with my team to create a new website, film a couple hours of training resources, develop PDF content and come up with a lot of the details surrounding the business which reminded me of how much I enjoy it all.
Wat Chedi Luang, located in the center of Chiang Mai, is one of the more famous temples here.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers in the next few weeks as we work to launch a business, and that it would accomplish our goals of helping people, and generating a profit.
I used to wonder why Thai food was so spicy. This was at a local market that had everything from cell phones to water buffalo.

This was in a terraced cabbage field on the
edge of a large  hill with an amazing view in
almost  every direction.
I've also been trying to explore more of the area around the city I live in, which included drives to some beautiful valleys, a trip to a huge market, and relaxing on houseboats among lots of other fun things.

The pictures are from some of the places I've been trying to visit and explore, and I hope you enjoy the insight into life in Thailand. It is a beautiful country (like most countries) but you have to take the opportunity to see the amazing sites around you.

I am enjoying the opportunity to be back in Thailand and explore this fun country, and thanks to everyone who helped make that possible.

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