Sunday, September 14, 2014

Right Back Into It

It Feels Great to be Back in Thailand

Looking down at a valley filled with clouds
I have been enjoying settling back into living in Thailand and it has been fun to go back to the places I enjoyed when I was here before (like CoCo's Curry).

It's only been a little over a week, but I am already straight to work on a few fun projects. I will be working on a fairly diverse selection of projects in the next few months, including starting or working on some internet businesses and continuing to provide general help with Stop Slavery's website and social media. 

Temple at Sunset
I generally try to help where I can for the many missionaries and organizations here, sometimes providing help with internet marketing related questions and needs. I may also continue working with Stone in Shoe.

Although it has been getting up over 100 degrees some days, the mornings are really nice and cool which makes for a perfect time to go for a drive and explore the hills around Chiang Mai. Last week I went for a drive and found some amazing views of the clouds filling up the valleys. 

Life is a little hectic at the moment, and I would appreciate prayers as I move into a new house this week, and as my organization moves into a new office. I am looking forward to things settling down a bit more.

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God Bless!
I love taking pictures of rice fields at sunset because it is so relaxing and quiet. I have no idea what this structure is, but it seems like it has been around for a while.

On a side note, if you're ever looking for a house in Thailand, check out Expat Homes Chiang Mai. They help find homes for people in Thailand.