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A little About What I've Been up to Lately

Hanging out by the boats in Krabi, Thailand
If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know, to some degree, who I am (if you don't,
that's OK! keep reading to find out). But I thought I would provide a little history for those who may be less familiar.

I lived in Okinawa, Japan for my middle school and high school years, graduating and going to a college in Pennsylvania.

Upon graduation from college with a degree in Marketing, I met up with my parents who had returned from Japan and were living in Michigan. Living in Michigan was fun, and it was great to be close to my grandparents who lived there, but when my parents decided to move to Florida, I was eager to be near the beach again.

Over the last year or so since college, I have developed a skill set I gained from an internship with Buddy Rathmell, my youth pastor in Okinawa, and founder of Stop Slavery in Thailand. During the summer internship I learned a significant amount of valuable information covering the basics of internet marketing.

In front of a temple in Chiang Mai
I have taken that learning, and developed it further, among other things, launching multiple niche blogs and generating a passive income through advertising revenue and referral fees. One of the blogs I enjoy writing on the most is my blog called Okinawa Travel Guide. You can check it out if you're interested in seeing more of what I have been doing.

In late 2013, I reconnected with Buddy Rathmell and spent a number of months in Thailand working with the Stop Slavery organization helping in a variety of ways mostly relating to online marketing. I helped Stop Slavery generate greater awareness for modern slavery through their website and social media.

After a few months back stateside, I am returning in the fall of 2014 to continue working with Stop Slavery on several exciting projects ranging from raising awareness, to raising money to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Check out Where I'm Going to keep reading.

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