Friday, November 22, 2013

More on the Projects I am Working On

Life Gets Busy Sometimes

burma border
Had the Chance to Stop in Burma, so I did.
Interesting place.
Well, I was hoping to avoid this, but it looks like it happened. I got busy with some exciting projects  and adventures and forgot to write any updates on here.

But, let me make it up to you by sharing some of the neat things I have already been able to get involved in and some of the fun things I've been experiencing.

Stone in Shoe

I am here, in Thailand, as a volunteer with Stop Slavery. A unique and exciting project I am able to join with is Stone in Shoe, an artwork company that sells canvas prints to spread awareness about human trafficking as well as raise money to directly fund anti-trafficking operations.

street sign in thailand
A main road in Thailand, with very decent
It is a new company, with just a small crew of talented young professionals volunteering their time and effort to get the company going and make a difference in the world.

We have been working on developing the website, which always seems to take more work than expected, and setting up other aspects of the business.

The artwork is composed of images that are emotionally grating or irritating, photos of trafficking situations or other injustices. Our goal is that people will put the artwork up on the wall, where others will see it and be motivated to learn more about modern slavery.

I have been able to step in and help with the various tasks that must be completed to launch this venture. It is very exciting for me to be working on this project which we hope will raise support and a lot of awareness about human trafficking worldwide. Your prayers as Stone in Shoe get's going would be very appreciated.

You might enjoy reading a recent post I wrote on the Stone in Shoe blog with some news about the site and other announcements.

On the Ground

Being here in Thailand has given me the opportunity to get firsthand accounts and stories of trafficking situations across Asia. It is very saddening to hear these stories, but it also gives me extra motivation to continue working in the ways I can to support ending modern slavery.

While I don't have any contact with victims in the work I'm doing, I have begun to meet people who are involved in that side of things and it is very encouraging to hear how they are working at not only caring for and building up victims, but also working on prevention through reaching out into rural communities with information.

More on Living in Thailand

thailand night market
Night Market in Chiang Mai
Living in Thailand is an incredible adventure. There are so many new sights and sounds. There are tons of new foods to try, unique trinkets to check out, strange cultural differences to be surprised
by, and so much more.

Typical foods include a wide variety of stir-fried foods served over white rice. They also have plenty of fried rice, and many different kinds of noodle soup dishes.

Roadside food stands are very popular, and these places will sell anything from mango's over rice to chicken organs on a stick.

The Thai people are generally friendly and willing to work with my lack of language skills. I have been trying to learn a little of the language, but it is both difficult, and I don't have too much time to devote to it.

I recently had the fun opportunity to go to a very popular festival held here in Thailand where thousands of paper lanterns are floated up into the air. It was a magnificent sight when all the lanterns rose in unison from the extremely crowded location the festival was held at. For the entire weekend lanterns were continually drifting skyward making for a very entertaining night scene.

Thai lantern festival
Lantern Festival held every year with thousands of lanterns released at once
Being close to the action in Thailand has helped develop my understanding and knowledge of human trafficking, both in Asia and around the world. I don't think it will ever be possible for me to forget some of the things I have learned, but hopefully my last memories will be positive, consisting of the eradication of modern slavery.

Please be praying for the victims of human trafficking, for the people working at ending it, and especially for the investigators, and ongoing investigations throughout Asia.

If you have thoughts or questions, leave a comment, or contact me by email, or on the contact page. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

P.S. If you wanted to help, one big way would be to go to and follow us on social media to help spread the word.